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Segmantics uses the theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) to enable organizations to manage their way through the process of technical and technological innovation. TRIZ methods of contradiction analysis are used in a process to guide your staff and stimulate significant technical and technology advances. The tools also enable your findings, product designs and best practices to be codified and established as intellectual property and industrial secrets. The Solution Store can be used to formally manage this intellectual property. Segmantics enables management to drive innovation and value creation as a business process.

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Analysis Methods

  • Leverage methods from successful science
  • Identify related risks
  • Highly focused decisions


  • Make innovation a business process
  • Focus on digital assets


  • Focus on the breakthrough issues
  • Deploy best people to hardest issues

Inventive Principles

  • Structured approach to solution engineering
  • Leverage inventive techniques from science
Segmantics application for structured approach
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