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Better Projects with AI
assisted Risk Management

Address all aspects of change including cyber security

Segmantics risk manages the full life cycle of business change, such as solution requirements, design components, test results, transition to operations and controls and leverages best practices to deliver better projects. Segmantics integrates cyber standards plus live computer vulnerabilities from NIST so your project is cyber secure. AI is used to assure that tasks and workflow are fully risk assessed on an ongoing basis. Overall your staff’s daily tasks are directed to higher quality change management with structured thinking, diligent analysis and productive collaboration. The result is better projects, more effective change and higher benefits.

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Award winning service from US and UK organisations

Cyber Store   

Download Best Practices and Standards into the Segmantics application

Cyber Attack Exercises  
& Crisis Training

Train your staff to protect the company and customers

Cyber Attack Exercises and Crisis Management will train and strengthen your organisation against cyber attacks and data exfiltration that disrupt operations, perpetrate fraud and damage reputation. In addition the exercises will discover performance improvements with best practices and live vulnerability data applied to attack scenarios on your organisation. Best practices, analysis methods, standards, computer and system vulnerabilities, penetration tests and controls are used during the cyber-attack exercises. Collaborate with our experts to improve business impacts, organisational capability, operational robustness and risk management. The exercise is orchestrated with the Segmantics application to achieve high levels of insight and effectiveness.

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Cyber Reports from NIST CVE Database...

Identify live computer vulnerabilities and manage actions in Segmantics

Cyber Security Bot  
and GDPR Compliance

Leverage the power of AI to automate human tasks.

The AI Security Bot carries out the tasks of Security and GDPR officers with unlimited patience, attention to detail and capacity to work. The Security Bot is particularly useful for those companies that cannot afford dedicated personnel to cover security and GDPR. The Bot is supplemented with the Segmantics application that enables risk analysis with best practices to protect a company’s assets. Segmantics also covers GDPR where data mapping, reporting and breach notification all need to be recorded. Create a free trial account now.

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For a consultation call  0203-289-1107 or send an  eMail

Project Management Services   

Scenario Stress Testing

  • Based on NIST SP 800-34 standard.
  • Identify improvements in processes
  • infrastructure, applications
  • and service provision.

Cyber Threat Modelling

  • Based on NIST SP 800-154 standard.
  • Cyber risk and financial analysis.

Penetration Testing

  • Based on NIST SP 800-115 standard.
  • Test public and private defences.

Delivery Plan

  • Address security based on standards.
  • Manage risk based decisions to drive delivery.
NIST, National Institute of Standards and Technology.
Segmantics is the perfect tool for Technology Projects.