Mitigate digital risk

Cyber Attack Training and ResponseBe ready to deal with attacks and crimes

  • Provide senior management with tools for cyber
  • Manage cyber and crisis process in one place
  • Covers reputation and crisis management
  • Technical and non technical focus
  • Preserve criminal evidence for legal process
  • Participate in the process online from any location

Forensics and Risk MitigationRisk based approach allows all to collaborate

  • Rate impact and probability of breach or crime
  • Leverage Cyber Store to deal with unpredicted risks
  • Launch preventative measures
  • Manage across department boundaries
  • Mange multiple incident simultaneously
  • Full audit for tracability and forensics
  • Emergency support from Partners

Automated EscalationEnable all in you company to report cyber incidents.

  • Involve your whole organisation in attack reporting
  • Report incidents by email or phone
  • Report incidents via applications
  • Report incidents from monitoring systems
  • Expert Client Support
  • Leverage the Segmantics API

IntegrationsLeverage your security investments

  • Connect to SIEMs
  • Connect to SOCs
  • Connect to Cloud security services
  • Connect to Email Security
  • Connect to Breach Systems
  • Connect to Fraud Detection Systems
  • Understand the varied data through the lense of risk

Cyber Case StudiesUse Cases, Exercises and Case Studies

  • Finance Attacks e.g. Loss of credit card data
  • Functional User Cases e.g. Stolen legal information
  • Technology Attacks e.g. Networks security compromised
  • Application Attacks e.g. Code maliciously encrypted
  • Project Attacks e.g. IP stolen and sold online