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Fast improvements with Cyber & IT productivity tools and data insights

Segmantics increases the pace of innovation by improving your digital capabilities and cyber security. The full life cycle of standards, requirements, design, development, test, operations and controls are evaluated and improved. Segmantics integrates 90 cyber standards and best practices plus live* computer vulnerabilities from the National Institute of Science and Technology and GCHQ plus industrial control vulnerabilities from ICS-CERT so you can benchmark your performance with this expertise and data. Segmantics is also integrated with cloud security centres so that IT policies and services are adjusted as new cyber-attacks methods are created. Your staff’s daily tasks are directed to improve digital services with data protection and cyber security using a fast interface that aids structured thinking, analysis and collaboration. Deploy the Segmantics application into any area of your company as a productivity tool with integrated business intelligence methods to drive your business forward. Test our online service now!

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End to End Solutions   

Download NIST expertise into Segmantics to harden your systems

GDPR Productivity Tools  
for Data Protection Officers

Manage heightened privacy and increasing security quickly and efficiently.

GDPR heightens the rights of consumers, places new implementation requirements on business, including data mapping, policies and procedures, reporting, data security and breach notification. Segmantics is the productivity toolkit for Data Protection Officers where all this information can be held and managed to show compliance quickly and efficiently. The regulations, mappings, privacy impact assessments, policies and procedures, security best practices, penetration test, vulnerability alerts, subject access requests, breach data, response processes and reporting are contained in one online application. The DPO Solution templates are an easy way to specify the responsibilities of the DPO in your organisation whether you are a large or small company. The Segmantics application will give the DPO the necessary workflow to assess privacy, security and IT, control the risks in your business, maintain the legal register of reports and always be compliant.

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Live NIST Cyber Vulnerability Database...

Identify live vulnerabilities and manage actions in Segmantics

GCHQ Cyber Vulnerability Database...

Action GCHQ National Cyber Security Centre analysis in Segmantics

Industrial Control System Vulnerability Database...

Identify ICS-CERT vulnerabilities and manage actions in Segmantics

Manage Privacy & Security Policies dynamically…

Integrate privacy and security data into Segmantics from your cloud provider

Cyber Attack Exercises  
& Crisis Training

Train your staff to protect the company and customers

Cyber Attack Exercises and Crisis Management will train and strengthen your organisation against cyber attacks and data exfiltration that disrupt operations, perpetrate fraud and damage reputation. In addition the exercises will discover performance improvements with best practices and live vulnerability data applied to attack scenarios on your organisation. Best practices, analysis methods, standards, computer and system vulnerabilities, penetration tests and controls are used during the cyber-attack exercises. Collaborate with our experts to improve business impacts, organisational capability, operational robustness and risk management. The exercise is orchestrated with the Segmantics application to achieve high levels of insight and effectiveness.

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Award Winning Cyber Testing Services   

Scenario Stress Testing

  • Based on NIST SP 800-34 standard.
  • Identify improvements in processes
  • infrastructure, applications
  • and service provision.

Cyber Threat Modelling

  • Based on NIST SP 800-154 standard.
  • Cyber risk and financial analysis.

Penetration Testing

  • Based on NIST SP 800-115 standard.
  • Test public and private defences.

Cyber Incident Response

  • Based on NIST SP800-34 standard.
  • Create risk based decisions for best remediation.
NIST, National Institute of Standards and Technology.
Segmantics adds business process to NIST requirements to create Solutions.