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Continuous IT protection using the latest computer science practices

Segmantics increases the pace of innovation by improving your cloud and digital capabilities and hence business performance. Segmantics integrates 90 technology best practices and 10 years of cyber-attack lessons from the National Institute of Science and Technology into tailored delivery solutions that improve every step in digital innovation. The full life cycle of standards, requirements, design, development, test, operations and controls are managed in Segmantics to deliver challenging objectives with a focus on cloud adoption, robust data compliance and cyber security. Deploy Segmantics into any of Project Management, IT, Software Development, Security, Data Protection, Risk Management, Assurance or Training areas to drive your business forward. Test our online service now!

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Digital Solutions Cyber Store

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Security Operation Centre
for SMEs

For IT administrative personnel, used in the browser, no upfront costs

The Segmantics Security Operations Centre addresses business and IT requirements with a security and data protection focus, such as on preventing cyber-attacks, managing upgrades to computer systems safely and achieving data protection compliance to GDPR. Segmantics uses standards and best practices from NIST to assessment business processes, IT and application assets. Segmantics uses computer vulnerability data and impact assessments streamed straight from the NIST national database. This database has over one hundred thousand vulnerabilities, with daily updates. Segmantics integrates with your Azure policy recommendations and alert systems for live data from your estate. Together standards, vulnerabilities, policies and alerts protect your digital assert. The SOC can be run by administrative personnel, and reported to management straight from the browser, with no upfront costs.

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National Vulnerability Database

Identify cyber vulnerabilities and manage resolution in Segmantics

Test Cyber Security with  
NIST processes

Train your staff to protect the company and it's customers

Cyber Attack Emergency Exercises will train and strengthen your organisation against cyber attacks that disrupt operations, steal data, perpetrate fraud and damage reputation. In addition, the exercises will discover performance improvements with proven methods, diligently applied to attack scenarios on your organisation. Best practice assessments, analysis techniques, standards, penetration tests and controls are used during the cyber-attack exercises. Collaborate with our cyber experts to improve business impacts, organisational capability, operational robustness and risk management. The exercise is orchestrated with the Segmantics application and Cyber Store to achieve high levels of insight and effectiveness.

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Award Winning Cyber Testing Services 

Scenario Stress Testing

  • Based on NIST SP 800-34 standard.
  • Identify improvements in processes
  • infrastructure, applications
  • and service provision.

Cyber Threat Modelling

  • Based on NIST SP 800-154 standard.
  • Cyber risk and financial analysis.

Penetration Testing

  • Based on NIST SP 800-115 standard.
  • Test public and private defences.

Cyber Incident Response

  • Based on NIST SP800-34 standard.
  • Create risk based decisions for best remediation.
NIST, National Institute of Standards and Technology.
Segmantics adds business process to NIST requirements to create Solutions.