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Commended by Experts

Segmantics is a winner of the Cyber Security Innovation Zone sponsored by HM Government, part of selection for the “UK’s most innovative cyber security company”.

A panel of cyber specialists, chaired by GCHQ commended the Segmantics approach to cyber security and data protection as it is behavioural, technical, risk based, live data and availability as a software service.

These are 7 key areas where Segmantics leverages the US Government investment and reseach in IT and Cyber so that enterprises can take advantage of the best techniques, knowledge and data.

Deploy Fast and Securely

Use Segmantics as a software serviceUse the service with minimal committment and scale up with confidence

  • Start with the free service
  • Carry out cyber training exercises
  • Unlimited data and users
  • Build out into your organisation with Apps
  • Build out into your organisation with the API
  • Support from Segmantics Risk Managers
  • Migrate to the managed service

Use Segmantics as a private applicationLeverage power of the software as an integrated service

  • Deploy for all incident reporting across your company
  • Connect more security systems through the API
  • Use Azure Active Directory to manage users
  • Set up with your own database services
  • Provision a private version of the applications
  • Segmantics application code and deployment support

Security and privacyMicrosoft safety critical data transfer and storage services designed for your operational requirement.

  • Data kept in allocated region
  • Integrated Azure Active Directory
  • Scheduled data backups
  • Secure HTTPS/SSL connection
  • Data encryption services
  • Full archiving of data

Global robust server cloud computingSegmantics built for the cloud with Microsoft Azure.

  • Microsoft-managed data centers
  • Compliant to industry standards ISO/IEC 27001
  • Data center locations from across the world
  • Guaranteed uptime and availability
  • Unlimited storage capability
  • 24/7 dedicated support from Segmantics

Case studyAdvanced UAV Technology produces remotely piloted aircraft systems defended from hacking

  • Analysed risk across all operations
  • Asset management of all aircraft
  • Deployed in hostile environment
  • Compliant with aviation regulation
  • Integration with real time data
  • Data submitted externally via the Risk Log app
  • Private store with internal templates
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