Deploy Fast and Securely

Use Segmantics as a software serviceUse the service with minimal committment and scale up with confidence

  • Start with the free service
  • Carry out cyber training exercises
  • Unlimited data and users
  • Build out into your organisation with Apps
  • Build out into your organisation with the API
  • Support from Segmantics Risk Managers
  • Migrate to the managed service

Use Segmantics as a private applicationLeverage power of the software as an integrated service

  • Deploy for all incident reporting across your company
  • Connect more security systems through the API
  • Set up within your own database services
  • Provision a private version of the applications
  • Segmantics application code and deployment support

Security and privacyMicrosoft safety critical data transfer and storage services designed for your operational requirement.

  • Data kept in allocated region
  • Integrated Azure Active Directory
  • Scheduled data backups
  • Secure HTTPS/SSL connection
  • Data encryption services
  • Full archiving of data

Global robust server cloud computingSegmantics built for the cloud with Microsoft Azure.

  • Microsoft-managed data centers
  • Compliant to industry standards ISO/IEC 27001
  • Data center locations from across the world
  • Guaranteed uptime and availability
  • Unlimited storage capability
  • 24/7 dedicated support from Segmantics

Case studyAdvanced UAV Technology produces remotely piloted aircraft systems defended from hacking

  • Analysed risk across all operations
  • Asset management of all aircraft
  • Deployed in hostile environment
  • Compliant with aviation regulation
  • Integration with real time data
  • Data submitted externally via the Risk Log app
  • Private store with internal templates
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