Cyber Attack Vectors and Scenarios

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Cyber Attack Vectors and Scenarios

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This Cyber and IT attack vector and scenario assessment is a data set of significant cyber attacks vectors over the last 5 years. These are attacks to both first and second lines of cyber defence. The data can be used to design scenarios for cyber attacks, recognising that new attack vectors are being developed all the time. The primary purpose is to support the Cyber Emergency Response Exercise that is orchestrated using the Segmantics application. The possible risks, hazards and preventative measures are covered and can be extended to, added to and adapted to suit your situation.

Cyber Risk Store. When you purchase this risk assessment you will be able to access all the risks, hazards and causes from best practice risk assessments from within the Store. In this way you can leverage 100s of hazards, the combined knowledge of many risk experts when modifying the risk assessment to your context.

Standards,Best Practice & Regulations. If your company is following one of the international risk frameworks such as ISO, Coso, Cobit or ITIL you have the option to choose the standard and implemented it in this risk assessment. This will avoid research and manual adjustments of terminology. The framework can be changed from within your account as many times as you wish. Please note the default settings are suitable for companies who do not wish a risk framework.

Expert System. Segmantics is designed to be better at key tasks in the risk domain than office tools and enterprise systems. In the Risk Manager you will be able to amend the risk assessment to fit your particular situation. A fast and intuitive work surface enables you to brainstorm with your colleagues. On the left hand side of this surface is where the risk assessment can be viewed and edited. On the right hand side controls are created and tagged to risks. This surface enables you to quickly build an insightful risk assessments and model complex relationships. In addition, you can add your colleagues to the account so that you can all work on and share the same information. The process of adaption and learning is important in the risk field and you can copy risk assessments and adapt them as necessary. At the end of this process you will have risks, cause/hazards, residual risks and controls all identified.

Controls & Operations. Once the risk assessment is complete you can use the operations service. This will put the risk assessment into operations in your company and drive improvements and compliance. The systems will instantiate the controls into calendars, and allocate responsible users to the controls and optionally allocate actions and provision the system so that tasks are completed or expedited. Management oversight is made simple with the use of charts and diagrams. Full traceability from operational events to the risk assessment is maintained. Senior management, quality assurance, audit, legal and regulatory areas of your company will benefit from operational implementation.

In addition for those that wish to automatically integrate data from other systems into Segmantics so that the controls can be based on real time data an API service is available. If you would like to add this functionality please contact Segmantics.

Integrated Reports. Throughout the site you can access reports in hard and soft copy. These reports will summarise the risk assessments and operational implementation. These can be used to improve operations and address assurance and insurance requirements.

Help & Support. Help and support is available 24 hours per day.

available risk analysis methods

Sales Pipeline
Standards Analysis
Bid and Funding Proposals
Requirements Analysis
Task Manager
Asset Analysis
Business Plan
Programme Plan
Dependency Analysis
Legal Analysis
Contract Analysis
Due Diligence
Project Plan
Product Breakdown Structure
Delivery Risk Assessment
Root Cause Analysis
Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
Systems Architectue Analysis
Logical Interface Category Analysis
C# Code Analysis
JavaScript Code Analysis
HTML Code Analysis
Hazard & Operability Study
Method Statement
Test Analysis
Lessons Learnt Review
Operational Risk Asssessment
Policy Compliance Analysis
Privacy Impact Assessment
Data Protection Impact Assessment
Finance AI Studio
Organisational Analysis
Human Resource Analysis
Process Analysis
Delivery Management
Financial Analysis
Real Options Contract Analysis
Business Development
Annual appraisal
Incident Management
Capability Maturity Analysis
Audit Assessment
Budget and Management Accounts Analysis
TRIZ Inventive Principle Analysis
TRIZ Contradiction Matrix
TRIZ Function Analysis
TRIZ Substance-Field Analysis

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* Disclaimer: Risk assessments from the Risk Store are provided as guidance only. Segmantics and its content partners are not responsible for how they are amended and used in practice by users of the application.

If you think technology alone can solve your cyber security problems, then you don’t understand the problems and you don’t understand technology. A risk based approach solves cyber security problems.

Bruce Schenier Cryptographer, Cyber specialist