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We design, build and train AI Automation Services for Programme and Project Management. These services make planning and delivery more productive, your staff more effective, management more informed and reduces costs. The service is built to analyse data across projects, enforce good process, record and steward actions and risks, provide precise and timely reports and decision options using chat and voice communications. The Bot is placed into existing workflow with inline cards and statistics that substitute time consuming powerpoint reporting. The service is integrated into underlying systems with this Segmantics desktop being an example.

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Connect to AI Platform

  • Identify the processes to automate
  • Connect the data through API and connectors

Select AI Services

  • Select from 20 available services
  • Add to your Bots manifest

Train AI Services

  • Leveraging machine learning
  • Free your people for high value tasks

Deploy to Channels

  • Select web and digital assistant channels
  • Select from Office 364 and Chat channels
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