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Commended by Experts

Segmantics is a winner of the Cyber Security Innovation Zone sponsored by HM Government, part of selection for the “UK’s most innovative cyber security company”.

A panel of cyber specialists, chaired by GCHQ commended the Segmantics approach to cyber security and data protection as it is behavioural, technical, risk based, live data and availability as a software service.

These are 7 key areas where Segmantics leverages the US Government investment and reseach in IT and Cyber so that enterprises can take advantage of the best techniques, knowledge and data.

Specialising in Technology & Cyber

1.     Segmantics addresses the cyber challenge, technical, non-technical and risk based with best practice and live data.
2.   Segmantics integrates IT, Cyber and Process best practice produced by the US scientific community as focused templates for immediate use.
3.   Segmantics integrates live computer vulnerability events and analysis into the application so that events can be risk managed.
4.   Segmantics integrates IT policy recommendations, security alerts and tasks from your cloud data centres so that events can be risk managed.
5.   Segmantics integrates Penetration Testing results together with other risk vectors for assessment on an enterprise wide basis.
6.   Segmantics turns this knowledge and data into 'solutions' used to improve or create new digital products with robust cyber security, and risk managed on an ongoing basis.
7.   Segmantics provides an innovative user interface, that turns users into experts by guiding deep and broad analysis, and the implementation of improvements.

High Quality Management Team

The management team at Segmantics are proven in the field of Cyber Security, IT Change Management and Innovative Services such as Blockchain and Internet of Things. Create an account to test the services.